Lincolnshire Horse Rides - Holbeach St Matthew and Moulton Marsh

Type of ride

Circular on sea banks, tracks (stone, grass, concrete) and public bridleways. It may be uneven and muddy in places.
Warning: The ride is close to RAF Holbeach Bombing Range.For more information go to RAF Marham website or phone 01760 337261  


Explore this wide open area of Lincolnshire on the banks of The Wash and river Welland. This circular ride is all off road using bridleways on the top of the old and new sea banks.


Longer route: 10.5 miles (17 km)
Shorter route: 5.5 miles (8.5 km)

Starting point
Car Park on the Sea Bank
Hobeach Saint Matthews
PE12 8EQ
Grid reference TF4 073 38
  1. Follow the bridleway near the car park entrance along the inner sea bank. Cross over the concrete track to continue along the top of the inner sea bank for approximately two miles (three kilometres). Continue to where there are two bridleways off to the right towards the river.
  2. Turn right onto the second of the bridleways. At the sea bank turn left and continue along the outer bank. For the shorter route turn right along the first bridleway and re-join the directions at six. For the longer route follow the bank for approximately two miles (three kilometres) to an outfall and junction with another bridleway.
  3. Turn left onto the bridleway, next to the channel. Follow it for approximately 0.5 miles (800m) to a pill box and junction with another bridleway.
  4. Continue straight ahead to follow the bridleway along the top of the inner sea bank. Ignoring the bridleway on the right. Continue on the sea bank for approximately two miles (three kilometres) to the point where the two bridleways go off to the river.
  5. Turn left along the second bridleway, towards the river.
  6. At the outer sea bank turn right and follow it for approximately 500m. Bear right onto the inner bank and when it re-joins the outer bank turn right. After another 0.5 miles (800m) bear right and follow the inner bank, turning right when it re-joins the outer bank. Continue on the bank for one mile (1.5 km), past the pumping station keeping on top of the bank. After approx. 600m where the bank bends to the left keep straight along the bridleway to return to the start.
Route map
Ordnance survey maps

Explorer 249 Spalding & Holbeach
Landranger 131 Boston & Spalding

Map starting point