Lincolnshire Horse Rides - Culverthorpe area

Type of ride

Circular on quiet roads, tracks, and public bridleways. It may be uneven and muddy in places.


This circular ride takes you through the gently undulating countryside of North Kesteven in the heart of Lincolnshire.


15.5 miles (25 km)

Starting point
St Lucia Church
NG34 0EL
Grid reference TF 042 377

Directions start from Dembleby church but you can start from any point on route by starting at the nearest number.

  1. Take the tarmac lane between the church and house, heading west, past the grass triangle. Follow the stone track straight ahead. Continue straight on the restricted byway (grass track) for approximately 0.6 miles (1 kilometre).
  2. At a junction with a bridleway turn right and continue as it becomes a restricted byway. Follow it for 1.25 miles (two kilometres) into Aisby village.
  3. Follow the road straight ahead through the village, past the village green and out of the village to a T-junction.
  4. Turn left and follow the road into Oasby.
  5. Turn left onto a bridleway near the end of the village. Follow the bridleway through gates and along field edges. Continue to follow it beside a wooded area for approximately 0.75 miles (1.2km).
  6. At a junction with another bridleway turn right and follow the bridleway. This runs on the right-hand side of the hedge, to a road.
  7. Turn right and follow the road to a crossroads.
  8. Turn right to return to Oasby village.
  9. Take the second left and follow the road, past the pub. At the T-junction, turn right.
  10. Near the end of the village turn right (signed Kelby & Heydour).
  11. Take the first left (signed Kelby) and follow the road for 0.3 miles (500m).
  12. Turn right onto a public bridleway. Follow the bridleway between the hedges and then along the field edge. Next cross a tarmac road to continue in the same direction. Follow the bridleway as it bends left then right towards Culverthorpe Park. Follow the tarmac road through the park.
  13. After leaving the park turn left along the road (signed Kelby and Wilsford). At the first junction, continue straight ahead (signed Sleaford and South Rauceby) for another 0.6 miles (one kilometre).
  14. As the road bends to the left, turn right onto a public bridleway. Follow the bridleway straight for approximately 0.6 miles (one kilometre) to a junction with a restricted byway.
  15. Continue straight on along the bridleway, between a hedge and woodland. At the end of the woodland turn left through a gap in the hedge. Then turn right so you are continuing in the same direction but on the other side of the hedge, to a road.
  16. At the road, turn left and then right (signed Aunsby and Dembleby). Follow the road for 0.5 miles (750m) to a road junction.
  17. Turn right (signed Aunsby and Dembleby) and follow the road for 600m to a road junction.
  18. Turn left onto a public bridleway and follow it straight on for 0.6 miles (one kilometre). Then follow it as it bends to the right to meet a road.
  19. Turn right and follow the road into Aunsby village. Follow the road around two bends and then another 100m to a bridleway sign.
  20. Turn left onto the bridleway. Follow the bridleway straight ahead for 0.75 miles (1.2 km) to a road.
  21. Turn right along a restricted byway for 0.6 miles (one kilometre) before joining the road. Continue straight ahead into Dembleby village.
Route map
Ordnance survey maps

Explorer 247 Grantham and 248 Bourne & Heckington
Landranger 130 Grantham

Map starting point