Lincolnshire Wolds - Beesby, Binbrook and North Ormsby

Type of ride

Hilly in parts & some cantering possible. Care at road junctions. Suitable for riders with full day ride & traffic experience


The longest ride with some hilly sections taking in ridge views over to the North Sea, and passing several former medieval village sites. Bridleway up from Binbrook particularly attractive. Several cantering possibilities on this ride which is all within the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB. Care at major roads.


19 miles (31km)

Starting point
Ludborough Vale
North Ormsby
LN11 0TN
Grid reference TF 288 946
  1. Proceed north along the road then turn left at the busy main road (A18). Keep close to the hedge line of wide grass verge for 100m.  Then head straight uphill on the minor road to Binbrook.
  2. Turn right at the next bridleway (appx 600m). Continue downhill and across the wooden bridge. Then go across the field and through the bridle gate. You will pass Wyham House on your right. Continue through another bridle gate and cross a metalled track. Follow the bridleway sign through two more bridle gates.
  3. Follow next bridleway sign to field end. Turn left in front of hedge line. Do not try to use redundant gate. Continue downhill through the bridle gate. Cadeby Hall will be on your right. The lake will be on your left.
  4. Go through the gate and cross the track. Follow the next bridleway sign. Continue along the headline. Go through the bridle gate keeping the way marker. Continue downhill to the road.
  5. Turn right at the road. Take the first bridleway/bridle gate on the left. Continue through two successive gates. The woods will be on your right. If it is muddy then take the higher ground. Continue uphill to the next bridle gate. 5a. To avoid the difficult gates, take the second bridleway. Turn left uphill and continue. The woods will be on your left. Continue through the bridle gate. Keep going downhill and turn right to meet the original route.
  6. Next go through two bridle gates. Descend through the woods until you come to the road. At the road turn left. Continue until you see the bridleway signposted on the right. Follow the bridleway uphill. Continue along the headlands until you reach Cold Harbour Farm.
  7. Turn left on to the road. Then turn right at the next cross roads. Continue to the road junction in Binbrook.
  8. Turn left and then left again. After 100m continue through a small housing estate. Continue through Web Way passage. Then cross the road to the next bridleway.
  9. Following the way markers continue uphill on the bridleway. Cross the field until you reach the road at the top.
  10. Turn left and continue through Tows Farm. At the junction, turn left.
  11. Follow the road to the intersection. Turn right. Continue on the road to the next bridleway sign. Take a sharp left.
  12. Follow the bridleway along the headland. Cross over the road. Continue on the hard surfaced bridleway. It will become field headland. Then continue through the gate and bridle gate. You will then reach the road.
  13. Turn right at the road. Then turn left on to the bridleway. Follow the bridleway along the headland. You will descend with the woods on your right.
  14. Continue down the bridleway. It will become a double track. Follow this all the way to the road. At the road continue straight until Ludborough Vale. You will then reach the Start Point.
Route map
Map starting point