Lincolnshire Wolds - East - Thorganby, Beesby and East Ravendale

Type of ride

Hilly in parts. Note muddy section on map in Winter. Good half day ride and suitable for most abilities


Starting and finishing at The Click`Em car park is incentive enough to embark on this around Wold Newton ride, as well as its delightful meanderings through wooded dells and elevated meadow headlands with little roadwork. Some cantering possibilities.


11 miles (18km)

Starting point
The Click 'Em Inn
Market Rasen
Grid reference TF 222 973
  1. Turn left out of the Click 'Em Inn car park. Follow the lane to the right. Continue for 1.2 miles (two kilometres). Keep going until you reach Cold Harbour Farm.
  2. Turn left on to the bridleway through Cold Harbour Farm. Follow the way markers along the headland. Continue down to the road. Turn left at the road. Continue on to the next bridleway on the right.
  3. Follow the double track up through the wood. Continue through two bridle gates. Keep going until the next bridleway on the left.
  4. Go through the bridle gate and continue uphill. Continue through the next bridle gate and along the headland. The woods will be on your right.
  5. Turn left at the next bridleway junction. Continue and turn left at the next track uphill. Follow the way markers around to the right. Continue along the headland and down to the next track.
  6. Turn left on the bridleway. The Old Rectory will be on your right. Then turn right at the bridleway sign. Continue to follow the way markers uphill and along the headland. You will cross the field and reach the road.
  7. Cross over the road. Follow the bridleway through Hawerby Hall Farm. Continue along the headlands to the next bridleway junction.
  8. Turn left. Follow the headland round to the right. It is muddy in the winter. The woods will be on your left. Continue following the way markers. You will go down then up with the woods on your right.
  9. Take the next bridleway on the right, immediately after the woods. Keep the woods on your right. Continue along the headland. You will come to a bridleway sign at wood corner. Turn right. Follow the double track until the double track is on the left.
  10. Follow the track until The Avenue, East Ravendale. Continue past the school. Cross the main road in the direction of West Ravendale.
  11. After 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometres) take the first bridleway on the left. Cross two wooden bridges. Follow the headland uphill until it is way marked right. Then continue along until the next left. Turn right on to a double track. Follow track around a small coppice.
  12. Take an immediate sharp left along a grass bridleway. Turn left behind the facing hedge. Continue through small coppice following the way markers. Keep to the headland. Continue right and down to the road.
  13. Turn left then immediately right on to the bridleway. Continue uphill until you reach a metal gate. Turn left following the track to the road. There are seasonal livestock in the field. The field is owned by Thorganby Hall.
  14. Turn right on to the road. Continue downhill. Take a sharp left at the next junction.  Follow the road until it bends left uphill. Continue until you reach the bridleway on the left.
  15. Follow the bridleway along the headline. Continue through the wood. Continue until you reach the lane. Turn left towards the Click 'Em Inn. You will reach the Start Point.
Route map
Map starting point