Lindsey Trail - 8 Panton to South Willingham


59. Turn right, signed Benniworth. Follow the road for 100m.

60. Turn right, signed Benniworth. Follow the road for 2.5 miles (four kilometres) to a crossroads.

61. Turn left, signed South Willingham. Follow the road through South Willingham village. Continued on to a T junction with the A157 at Hainton.

62. Turn right, signed Hainton. After 150m turn left, signed Hainton & Sixhills. Follow the road for 300m to a junction.

63. Turn left, signed East Torrington. Follow the road for 0.66 miles (one kilometre).

64. Turn right, signed public bridleway. Follow the track for 1.2 miles (1.9 km) to a junction where the bridleway meets an un classified county road (UCR).

65. Turn right onto the UCR. Continue straight ahead as the track becomes a tarmac lane to a T-junction.

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