Viking Way 04 - Tealby to Donington on Bain


From Tealby the escarpment is climbed onto the open plateau again. However this soon gives way to the rolling hills and interlocking valleys of streams which combine to form the River Bain.


10.5 miles (17 kilometres)

Starting point
Village Hall, Beck Hill
  1. Walk down Beck Hill past the Village Shop. Continue straight on over the ford and follow the footpath out of the village. Follow the track across the parkland of the former Bayons Manor.
  2. Approx. 300m past Top Lodge (near the top of the hill)  turn right onto a footpath and follow it around the field edge for approx. 600m before following the path by turning right and keeping the hedge  ahead on your right. Follow this path for another 600m and then follow it as it turns to the right.  Keep the hedge on your left and at the end of the hedge turn left to the road. Cross the road with care.
  3. Turn right.  After approx. 200m turn left onto a public footpath and follow it straight ahead along the edge of three fields before turning right to follow the path to reach the road (A361) in Ludford.
  4. Turn left and walk through the village for approximately 0.75 mile (1.2 kilometres), passing the White Hart Inn and St Mary’s and St Peter’s church.
  5. Turn right onto a public footpath and follow it as it crosses the field straight ahead and then bears left to join the road. Turn right and follow the road for approximately one mile (1.6 kilometres).
  6. Turn left along the road to Girsby Top.  Follow the road as it becomes a bridleway, crosses the River Bain and arrives at East Wykeham, in all approx. 1.25 miles (two kilometres).
  7. Turn right onto a bridleway adjacent to the first houses on the right.  Follow it for approx. 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometres) to a junction with another bridleway.  Turn right and follow it to the road (A157). Cross the road with care.
  8. Continue straight ahead along the lane.  Follow it for approx. 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometres) to a small woodland on your left.
  9. Bear left onto a public footpath. Follow the path across the field towards to the right of the church and towards a bridge, crossing the site of Biscathorpe deserted medieval village. 
  10. Cross the river and bear left in front of the house and church and follow the churchyard wall to a gate.  Turn left to a bridge and cross the River Bain.
  11. Turn right and follow the path along field edges for approx. one mile (1.6 kilometres), past a lake, to reach a road.
  12. Turn right and then left at the junction to walk into Donington on Bain. 

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Facilities available on this walk
  • Refreshments: Ludford and Tealby
Points of interest
  • RAF Ludford was a Royal Air Force airfield operated by Bomber Command during the Second World War and the Cold War.
  • Deserted medieval villages. West Wykeham and East Wykeham.
  • Biscathorpe is the site of another medieval village.
Map of starting point