Viking Way 09 - Lincoln to Wellingore


Leaving the city the route goes through the line of villages that sit on the South Lincolnshire Edge, a limestone cliff.  There are extensive views across the Trent and Belvoir Vales and you are likely to see RAF planes in the sky.


10.5 miles (17 kilometres)

Starting point
South Common
  1. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing by the school entrance, turn left and walk uphill.
  2. Turn right onto the public footpath beside Orchard Walk.
  3. After approximately 500 metres at a junction of paths, bear left along the track. After another 350 metres at a junction with another footpath, turn right and follow the path along the edge of buildings to another path junction.
  4. Turn left and follow the footpath ahead for 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometres) to reach Waddington village and a road.
  5. Turn left  and take the first right (Moxons Lane).  At the T-junction by the pub continue straight ahead along High Street and through the village to a crossroads.
  6. Cross the road and continue straight ahead along Millers Road. Bear right off the road to follow the public footpath behind the houses.  At the end of the houses follow the path along field edges and into Harmston and a road.
  7. Cross the road and walk across the fields to another village road.
  8. Turn left and at the traffic lights turn right and follow the roadside pavement for approx. 600m.
  9. Turn right onto a public footpath. After approx. 300m turn left and follow field edge.  Follow the path to its end at a road in the centre of Coleby village.
  10. Turn right and by the church turn left onto High Street. 
  11. Walk past the pub and as the road bends to the right walk straight ahead to join a public footpath between a hedge and fence. Follow the path along the field edges for approx. 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometres). 
  12. Turn left through a gate, bear right across a paddock towards the cottage.  Follow the road ahead.
  13. At the T-junction continue straight ahead through Boothby Graffoe village.
  14. Where the road bends left keep straight ahead along the public footpath.  Follow the path into Navenby village (approx. 0.6 mile or one kilometre) and a junction with a lane. To visit Navenby village with its shops, cafes and pubs turn left and after approx. 50m turn right onto Cat Walk.  At the road turn left and at the T-junction turn right along the High Street. To re-join the Viking Way continue along the High Street and turn right onto Clint Lane and follow it to its end.
  15. Turn right, downhill, and at the road turn left and walk along the road for approx. 100m.
  16. Bear right along The Smoots. Keep right and follow this track to its junction with Clint Lane.
  17. Turn right onto a public footpath.
  18. At a junction of paths by the side of a wood turn left and follow the path for approx.  700m to the edge of Wellingore village and a junction of paths.
  19. Turn left.  Follow the path across the playing field to the village hall.  In front of the hall turn right, at the road turn left to the busy main road (A607). Cross the road with care.
  20. Turn right and then left at the church along Hall Street.  Continue straight on as it becomes Sleaford Road.

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Facilities available on this walk
  • Refreshments: Waddington, Harmston, Coleby, Navenby and Wellingore
Points of interest
  • RAF Waddington 
  • Cross O Cliff Orchard – one of Lincolnshire's few remaining orchards and home to many old varieties of apple and pear
Map of starting point