Viking Way 10 - Wellingore to Marston


A crossing of the Lincoln Heath, mostly along the Roman Ermine Street, is followed by a descent to the Witham and a gentle walk through quiet lanes and fields to Marston.


15.5 miles (25 kilometres)

Starting point
Sleaford Road
  1. Walk along Sleaford Road.
  2. At the T junction turn right onto Pottergate.
  3. At the next road junction take the footpath on the left that diagonally crosses the field ahead.  Cross the fields and after approx. one mile (1.6 kilometres) you will cross a hard surfaced track.  Continue in the same direction across one more field to a tarmac lane.
  4. Turn right.
  5. Where the lane bends to the left continue straight ahead on a grass track between hedges.  This is Ermine Street.
  6. At a junction with a road, continue straight ahead along the track.  Cross another road and continue ahead.
  7. At Byard's Leap and the busy A15 cross the road with care and continue straight ahead, past the garage and café, and walk along the wide verge on the right hand side of the road for approx. 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometres).
  8. Turn right onto a restricted byway.  Follow this as it becomes a bridleway and then a footpath and enters the village of Carlton Scroop.
  9. Follow the lane downhill to a road junction.
  10. Cross the road with care and turn left, signed Grantham.  Walk along the roadside path, over the old railway.
  11. Bear right to walk past the church.
  12. At the bend in the road turn right, signed Hough on the Hill.  Follow the road for approx. 200m.
  13. Turn left and walk along the road for after approx. one mile (1.6 kilometres).
  14. Turn right onto a public bridleway and follow it for approx. 0.33 miles (one kilometre), to the top of the slope.
  15. Turn left off the restricted bridleway and on to a bridleway.
  16. At the bottom of the hill at a junction with another bridleway turn right.  Cross the river and follow the track straight ahead across the field.  Continue for approx. 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometres) and walk next to the river.
  17. Turn left and follow the bridleway.  Turn right in front of a small woodland.  Follow the bridleway under the railway line to a junction with a track. Turn right, alongside the sewage works, and then onto a road. Follow the road as it bends and continue for another 150m.
  18. Turn right on to a bridleway and follow it for approx. 500m.
  19. Bear right onto another bridleway.
  20. At a junction with a road continue straight ahead into the village of Marston.
  21. At the T-junction turn right and follow the road past Marston Hall and the school to another T-junction.
  22. Turn right and almost immediately left along Stonepit Lane.

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Facilities available on this walk
  • Refreshments:Byards Leap and Marston
  • Note. This section offers only one opportunity for obtaining refreshments; anything else involves a lengthy detour. Ancaster is approximately a four mile (6.4 kilometre) round trip from the Viking Way.
Points of interest
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