Foston - Foston circuit


A walk from Foston to the village of Westborough and back. Partly on the Viking Way (the long distance walk route through Lincolnshire) the walk crosses the River Witham twice at Westborough. 


Five miles (eight kilometres)
2.5 hours

Starting point
St Peter’s Church
Long Street
NG32 2LD
Grid reference: SK 858 429
  1. Stand with your back to the Church notice board, turn right then immediately left into Chapel Lane. Follow Chapel Lane, past the Scout Hut (Gorrie Hall) and Village Playing Field and continue as it turns from road into track. This section of walk, to the junction with the restricted byway, uses a permissive footpath by kind permission of Baggaley Farms.
  2. After approximately 550m past the Scout Hut turn left onto a restricted byway.
  3. At the footpath junction turn right and follow the footpath down the middle of a field for 250m before bearing diagonally left to the first bridge over the Foston Beck.
  4. Cross over the bridge and turn left.
  5. The second bridge will appear on the left. Cross the bridge (which is part of the Viking Way) and continue straight ahead following the Viking Way for approximately 0.25 miles (400m), round to the left and then turn right at the signpost to continue on the bridleway and Viking Way.
  6. As you emerge from the Viking Way onto Fallow Lane, turn right (not left back towards the village) and continue for about 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometres) to the River Witham. Cross the river via the footbridge then follow the track up to the footpath sign on the left.
  7. Turn left onto the public footpath and walk across the field, towards a large willow tree in the hedge line. Cross the next field, by bearing diagonally left to the far left-hand corner of the field.
  8. Cross the bridge in the corner of the next field and turn left onto a bridleway.
  9. Follow the bridleway as it turns to the right and becomes Long Lane.
  10. Where the lane bends to the right, turn left onto Back Lane (a grass track).
  11. At the end of Back Lane turn left (away from Westborough Church) towards the river. Cross over the bridge then head diagonally left across the first field. This is clearly signposted as you are now back on the Viking Way.
  12. Head straight across the second field, through a gap in the hedge and into field three. Foston Village is approximately 0.5 miles ahead of you. Carry straight on, neither turning left nor right, but heading towards Foston Church in the distance. Follow the footpath through the field boundaries, up a slight incline, keeping Foston Church in front of you.
  13. After diagonally crossing the final small field, you re-enter Foston village on Church Street. Continue straight along Church Street to reach the Church on your left to finish the circuit.
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Accessibility and suitability

You are unlikely to encounter stiles or livestock.

Facilities available on this walk
  • village/town
Features of this walk
  • historical interest
  • river
  • wildlife interest
Map of starting point