Educational visits service


The service is available to all educational settings within Lincolnshire, it includes access to an online planning and approval system (EVOLVE) as well as access to an advice line. You do not have to pre-order access to the EVOLVE system or advice line as using the system and submitting a visit constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

It features an online system for planning and managing:

  • educational visits
  • on-site activities
  • after school clubs
  • sports fixtures

It is accessible at any time and all users have access to fully-integrated help and an advice-line.


It is a trusted UK-wide service, used by:

  • more than 8,000 staff
  • 127 local authorities
  • more than 22,000 educational settings

It is a comprehensive one-stop shop for everything ‘learning outside of the classroom’.

The system is hosted on dedicated UK servers with technical support available. It is proven to:

  • be adaptable to suit the need of your school
  • be versatile, with access via desktop, tablet and mobile
  • reduce paperwork
  • simplify procedures
  • produce self-review and inspection preparation data
  • help you follow employer and national guidelines

The support team is available via email, phone or meeting, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


£206.88 for a 12-month subscription (September to August).


To access the EVOLVE system click here: Access

For questions or queries related to EVOLVE access or passwords, email: [email protected]

Lincolnshire educational visits advisory service:

Andrew Smith (educational visits adviser)

M: 07944 038678

E: [email protected]

Jake Wiid (educational visits adviser)

E: [email protected]