Educational visits service


The service is available to all educational settings within Lincolnshire. It features an online system for planning and managing;

  • educational visits 
  • on-site activities
  • after school clubs
  • sports fixtures

It is accessible at any time and all users have access to fully-integrated help.

Buy-back support is also available. This includes specific activities that the service provider will deliver.


It is a trusted UK-wide service, used by:

  • more than 8,000 staff
  • 127 local authorities
  • more than 22,000 educational settings

It is a comprehensive one-stop shop for everything ‘learning outside of the classroom’.

The system is hosted on dedicated UK servers with technical support available. It is proven to:

  • be adaptable to suit the need of your school
  • be versatile, with access via desktop, tablet and mobile
  • reduce paperwork
  • simplify procedures
  • produce self-review and inspection preparation data
  • help you follow employer and national guidelines

The support team is available via email, phone or meeting, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


£206.88 for a 12-month subscription (September to August).


To enquire about the purchase of the service, email [email protected].

If you have a query about a school visit, email [email protected].

Terms and conditions