Specialist speech and language training - EduLincs


Provided by the Extended Communication and Language Impairment Provision for Students (ECLIPS) Team. We support schools in meeting the needs of students with speech and language difficulties.

ECLIPS offers a range of face to face and virtual specialist speech and language training as well as some training packages being available as pre-recorded links. Pre-recorded training packages can be accessed for a period of two weeks.

As part of our universal offer, the pre-recorded General SLCN and DLD General Awareness training can be accessed freely.

  • General SLCN and DLD general awareness training:  'The most common disorder no-one has ever heard of.'  This session aims to help you understand SLCN better. It provides practical advice to support students in your setting. 

For children and young people

  • evidence-based interventions support children with SLCN to make good progress, thus narrowing the gap
  • targeted interventions help to build an inclusive environment for all

For staff professional development

  • offer accredited qualifications
  • enhanced knowledge of communication difficulties. Courses offer practical and adaptable resources to aid communication in every classroom

Courses offered will be offered annually and determined by the expressions of interest received.


The following training package costs £148 for face to face or live virtual delivery:

Using the progression tools: This session is offered as a small group training on a F2F basis or via Teams. It includes a supported assessment and follow-up as required. It is expected that the setting will have a minimum of one copy of the progression tools prior to the training taking place.

The following pre-recorded packages are costed at £148 plus VAT:

  • Language for thinking: Whole school training. This follows on from the General Awareness Training session above. The school must purchase a copy of the Language for Thinking book prior to the training session. This resource is clearly presented and photocopiable. It will assist in developing children's language from the concrete to the abstract.
  • Secondary language awareness and questioning: Whole school training based on the popular Language for Thinking.
  • Language for behaviour and emotions: A practical resource for those working with children and young people who have SEMH needs and Language and Communication needs. A copy of the book must be bought.
  • An introduction to colourful semantics: This is a therapy approach created by Alison Bryan. It is simple and easy to use. It is used widely across the UK for targeting different language needs.

In addition, we can also offer:

Speech and Language UK training course:

We are licensed tutors for the following course. The price below includes all the materials required. Your setting will be able to deliver this support programme year-on-year:

  • Talk for Work: A targeted and evidence-based intervention. It helps students aged 14 to 18 with poor language skills to prepare for the workplace. Cost: £676.

ELKLAN training – jointly delivered with SALT

All ELKLAN courses are evidence informed. They teach strategies listed on the What Works database. Participants will receive accreditation.

The following training packages are costed at £350 per person. Register your interest with ECLIPS@lincolnshire.gov.uk

  • ELKLAN for vulnerable students
  • ELKLAN for ages 11 to 16
  • ELKLAN for post 16s

Consultancy offer

  • initial consultation meeting (via Teams): This will be for SENCo and SLT to look at provision in place within the setting, interventions, resources and SLCN strategies in place within classrooms. Support offered to upskill towards a communication friendly environment. Cost: one hour at £79 plus VAT
  • further consultation sessions can be offered. Please see bespoke offer below
  • SLCN audit within setting: learning walk style to bring out strengths and weaknesses and any themes. Plus, an analysis of the gaps and time to make recommendations, discuss further training needs. Cost: five hours at £395 plus VAT

Bespoke training and consultation

  • We offer bespoke training and, or consultation to meet specific needs of settings as required. These can be delivered to a cluster. There are no minimum numbers required.  The lead school will be responsible for the booking and payment
  • email eclips@lincolnshire.gov.uk to discuss in more detail before placing your order