Ethnic minority and Traveller education team - EduLincs


The Ethnic Minority and Traveller Education Team (EMTET) offers services including:

  • individual child support
  • improving parental engagement
  • school readiness - supporting transition
  • language and access to the curriculum
  • specialist English as an additional language support
  • staff training
  • guidance for GCSE and A level in home languages
  • attendance at TAC, CIN, CP and EHCP meetings
  • workshops for all children (currently offering learning in another language, diversity, traveller awareness)
  • initiatives within school to address community cohesion, diversity and cultural awareness
  • consultancy and school support
  • first language GCSE support in Polish and Russian

Schools are able to access support by using the online referral process through Edulincs. Based on the case details the member of staff with the most relevant expertise will be assigned.

We will keep you informed throughout the process, and are available on the phone or email for any queries.

Bespoke packages are available to schools as well as a range of workshops for children and young people.

We work with a range of different teams across children’s services as well as external partners. This ensures we get the best outcome for everyone.

  • Our officers have a wealth of experience of working with families who have different languages, cultures and lifestyles
  • We will support you to work with ethnic minority families, those with English as an additional language (key focus for Ofsted visits) and traveller families
  • We help you to provide the right support to enable the children to engage and achieve
  • We can also offer you a range of learning opportunities for all children to help your school and its pupils to be inclusive and tolerant of all communities
Service Maintained school


Individual child support Free From £231 to £301 per day, £138 to £173 per half day, £36-£50 per hour
Workshops to children Free £150 (two workshops in a half day)
Consultancy and school support Free £301 per day, £173 per half day, £50 per hour
Staff training £296 per day, £152 per half day, £50 per day £296 per day, £152 per half day, £50 per hour
First language GCSE support (please check options available) Minimum offer: half day £173. Additional hours: £50 per hour Minimum offer: half day £173. Additional hours: £50 per hour

Cluster working with schools

Support can be provided to a cluster of schools with costs being shared between the schools. The lead school will be responsible for organising the support, charging and location.

The maximum number for delivery is 40.


'I absolutely loved the training. It was excellent, pertinent and very useful ' - feedback from EAL coordinator training.

'I learnt more about what my children think, are aware of and their pre-conceived ideas about people’s religions' – teacher’s feedback.

'The traveller and EAL workshops you presented were very informative and factual. They gave our children an insight into the traveller lifestyle and gave an opportunity for children to empathise with children who have EAL' - feedback from teacher.

'The workshop was pitched perfectly to meet the needs of our children and allowed them the space to consider stereotyping, a feature of our PSHE work, in a safe environment' - school feedback.