Food education - health and wellbeing


This course provides information, support and practical tools to help schools. We will cover all aspects of food education to support health and wellbeing.

  • School food standards - understanding school food standards and ensuring food is compliant
  • School food standards certification - full menu check and certificate to evidence compliance
  • Lunchtime staff training - the importance of the midday supervisory assistant role and its impact on children’s health, wellbeing and education
  • Pupil healthy eating workshops – the importance of healthy eating, good hydration and a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Parent healthy – the importance of healthy eating, good hydration and a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Lunchtime food and dining review - audit of lunchtime food, dining service, compliance with school food standards, staff and training needs
  • Annual food education membership – we offer the equivalent of 5 full days plus 12 months telephone and e-mail support

We help schools ensure food and healthy eating is delivered and maintained. We encourage a shared responsibility for food in schools. This includes, engaging pupils, parents, teachers and governors.

Benefits for children and young people

A good diet and adequate physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

We support schools with their role in developing and maintaining a good food culture. We support pupils to change to a healthy food environment.

Benefits for staff professional development

We support school leaders and governing bodies in developing a whole school approach to food education.

We will increase awareness through school audits, reviews and continuing professional development for staff on the importance of a balanced diet and good hydration.


£142.69 per half day or £273.39 per full day
Annual food education membership - £1,366 plus VAT

Cluster working with schools

We will agree the maximum number of attendees however the cost will remain the same and can be shared.  The request for support and charging should be organised by the lead school.

Service delivery would take place at the lead school or at another school site within the cluster, as identified by the lead school.

Terms and conditions