Statutory and Essential Maintenance Scheme (SEMS) - EduLincs


The provision of Statutory and Essential Maintenance work to help schools cover many of their statutory property liabilities.

  • Assists the Head Teacher in providing a safe environment for staff and pupils.
  • Fulfils many of the school’s Statutory property Liabilities.
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week call out, for property issues (charged on an ‘as used basis’).
  • Fulfils many of the requirements in ‘Good Estate Management for Schools’.

The cost will be provided following an ’asset capture’ exercise. It will be based on the statutory property items identified in package 1A of the scheme.

The school can also request extra items if required.

Cluster working with schools

Requests for cluster working with schools must come via the lead school or Academy Organisation and each school will be charged individually.