Stay Safe Partnership


We provide a one-stop-shop offering a single point of access to education programmes.

These are based around key priorities that are designed to help keep your children safe by:

  • improving and informing their decision making
  • reducing risk-taking and improving well-being

The offer covers staff training, student workshops, e-learning and online resources.

There are currently 71 offers to secondary schools/colleges and 58 offers to primary/junior schools which have been utilised by 100% secondary schools and 80% of primary schools.

All our providers meet certain quality standards, meaning you can be assured that the product you receive is of a good standard.

Providers are regularly observed in action and feedback is gained from you (and your students) on their delivery. This is used in the continual development of the products.

The vast majority of these interventions will help schools in their pursuit of SMSC/PSHE and citizenship education.


Benefits for Children and Young People

  • One stop shop covering many safety areas
  • Quality controlled products, making sure that what they receive is of a good standard
  • Not just LCC providers but various local and national providers, including charities
  • Known and used already by all secondary schools and vast majority of primary/junior schools
  • Ability to provide off time table ‘multi-agency days’ meeting the current needs of children and young people

Benefits for Staff Professional Development

  • Wide range of staff training
  • Quality assured products

Mixture of free and chargeable services, costs are stated on each individual offer.

Cluster working with schools

The lead school can contact the individual provider and discuss arrangements on behalf of the cluster.