Ashing Lane Nature Reserve


The reserve is a community woodland managed by the Nettleham Woodland trust. It is made up of woodland, meadows, a pond and a lake. 


0.6 mile (1.2 km)

Starting point
Ashing Lane Nature Reserve
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Accessibility and suitability

Ashing Lane is located off the A46 at Dunholme, just north of the Scothern crossroads. The reserve is approximately 0.75 mile along the lane (which is uneven in places and muddy after rain). There is a small car park at the entrance to the reserve *which can also get muddy).

The path surface consists of compacted stone with some bumpy sections and sections with loose stones. The route is either level or gently sloped. 

  • Steepest uphill section: 1:11 (9%) for a distance of four kilometres
  • Steepest downhill section: 1:11 (9%) for a distance of four kilometres
  • Narrowest point: 85cm for a distance of four metres
  • Greatest cross slope: 1:22 (4.5%) for a distance of four metres
Facilities available on this walk
  • refreshments available in Welton, Scothern and Dunholme 
Features of this walk
  • Countryside for All
  • wildlife interest 
  • woodland
Map of starting point
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