Horncastle - Spa Trail


Part of the Spa Trial, a multi user route from Horncastle to Woodhall Spa. It follows the line of an old railway. Part of the route runs close to the Horncastle canal. 


A linear route of 1.8 miles (2.9km) one way

Starting point
Coronation Walk
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Accessibility and suitability

The Spa Trial is located along Coronation Walk, Horncastle, and continues on to Woodhall Spa which is a further three miles. The car park on Coronation Walk is tarmac with dedicated parking for disabled users. There is also a car park at the southern end of this route which is compact stone. 

The path surface consists of tarmac and compacted stone.

  • Steepest uphill section: 1:10 (10%) for a distance of 13m
  • Steepest downhill; section: 1:10 (10%) for a distance of 13m
  • Narrowest point: The path is over one metre wide
  • Greatest cross slope: 1:10 (10%) for a distance of seven metres
Facilities available on this walk
  • refreshments available in Horncastle and Woodhall Spa
  • toilets are situated in Horncastle, St Lawrence Street and Spa Road
Features of this walk
  • Countryside for All
  • wildlife interest 
  • woodland
Map of starting point