Deeping Lakes


This Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve consists of a number of flooded gravel pits and is close to the river Welland. The reserve is noted for its variety of wildlife and waterbirds.

Dogs are not allowed in the reserve but are allowed along the river bank if kept on a lead.


1.25 miles (two kilometres) 

Starting point
Deeping Lakes Nature Reserve
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Accessibility and suitability

Deeping Lakes is located off the B1166 south of Deeping St James. The car park surface consists of compacted stone with some loose stones. 

The path surface consists of short grass or bare earth. The route is mostly level with some short slopes. 

  • Steepest uphill section: 1:9 (11%) for a distance of four metres and 1:10 (10%) for 46m
  • Steepest downhill section: 1:6 (16%) for a distance of 13m
  • Narrowest point: All paths are at least one metre wide. The entrance to the bird hide is 80cm wide
  • Greatest cross slope: 1:8 (12%) for a distance of three metres
Facilities available on this walk
  • refreshments available in Deeping St James and Market Deeping
  • nearest toilets in The Precinct, Market Deeping
Features of this walk
  • Countryside for All
  • wildlife interest 
  • woodland
Map of starting point
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