Community Strategy, Customer Strategy and Digital Strategy surveys - Closed engagements and consultations


Following discussions with representatives in the voluntary sector, you now have the opportunity to give your views on the needs identified in the draft community strategy. We'd particularly like to hear your thoughts regarding how we can deliver this together.

The customer and digital strategy surveys are now closed, but these three strategies will work together alongside other council priorities to achieve the aims and aspirations in our corporate plan.

Opening date
Friday 28 May 2021
Closing date
Noon Friday 9 July 2021
Current or closed
Have your say

The community strategy survey is open for comments until 9 July.

Complete the Community Strategy survey 

The customer strategy survey closed for comments on 18 June.

Complete the Customer Strategy survey

The digital strategy survey closed for comments on 18 June.

Complete the Digital Strategy survey 

Why are we engaging or consulting

To ensure community input and engagement in the development of the community, customer and digital strategies.



Who can get involved

Community at large - Residents, Visitors, Businesses, Partners, Suppliers.

How to get involved

Completion of the survey.


If you require any support to complete the survey please contact 01522 552223.