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Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Condition is a Neurodevelopmental disorder which is present from birth or early childhood. It impacts on the functioning of the brain and affects a child’s behaviour, memory, or ability to learn. 
It can affect the way a person communicates, interacts, and processes information. There is a broad spectrum of presentations, and everyone can present in a different way. It can have a big impact on social and emotional development. 
This can leave the individual especially vulnerable to dangers online such as grooming. This document highlights some information sources and support groups for parents to access. 

Autism Support and Online Safety for Parents and Carers – Dr Lisa Hewitt (Senior Clinical Psychologist) and Hayley Cushing (Specialist Nurse Practitioner) Birmingham and Solihull Mental health Foundation Trust. Support for parents and carers of people with diagnosed or suspected Autism in the #Leicester, #Leicestershire and #Rutland area.

Within this Online Streaming event Lisa and Hayley share about the ASD spectrum and conditions, what it is, how it may present and tips for how to adapt communication and behaviour. They also explore what to look out for vulnerabilities wise and highlight individuals with ASD’s strengths to.

This event can be watched here Autism Support and Online Safety for Parents and Carers - YouTube



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