Household Support Fund Queries - Find a freedom of information request


Questions relate to the Household Support Fund:

1. How much was the council allocated as part of the original Household Support Fund (intended to run from October 2021 to March 2022)

2. How much of this funding have you used so far (until 25 March 2022)?

3. Before new funding was announced on 23 March 2022 as part of the Spring Statement, had you run out of funding for the scheme?

4. If so, when did this happen?

5. How is the funding being disseminated? E.g. in the form of grants, vouchers, given to other organisations, or put towards council schemes?

6. What is the eligibility criteria for the receiving the above?

7. If you are taking applications from individuals, e.g. for grants, vouchers and/or payments via the scheme, how many applications have you received up until today (25 March 2022)?

8. How many of these have been:

a. Accepted?

b. Rejected?

c. Yet to be processed?

9. What is the average value of grants/vouchers/payments that have been awarded?


1. £5,464,685.

2. £5,464,685.

3. No.

4. Not Applicable, see question 3.

5. 53% funding allocated to LA Educational establishments/providers (Schools, Academies and EY providers) and 47% via Lincolnshire districts.

6. Schools/Education providers: based on free school meal eligibility early years pupil premium / 2 EYE. Districts: the district councils of Lincolnshire are working with trusted partners to refer into the scheme based on the needs of their communities.

7. This information will not be available until after the formal end of the scheme, when District Councils submit a final return to the county council on 5 April. Details on District Council websites for more local information.

8. Not known at this stage.

9. October 2021= £15 per child (one week) December 2021= £30 per child (two weeks) February 2022= £15 per child (one week) Easter 2022 =£40 per child (two weeks) Average £16.67pw.

Reference number
Date request received
28 March 2022
Date of decision
5 April 2022