Domestic abuse awareness staff training - Stay Safe Partnership

  • Gain a greater understanding of domestic abuse  
  • Recognise patterns of control, coercion and stalking behaviours.
  • How to use professional curiosity to explore domestic abuse when it is disclosed
Service Description
A one-hour awareness session discussing:
  • domestic abuse
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • barriers to leaving a domestic abuse relationship
Suitable for all staff.
  • Domestic abuse legislation 
  • Types of domestic abuse 
  • Coercive and controlling behaviours 
  • Stalking and harassment 
  • Barriers to leaving a domestic abuse relationship
  • How you can support each other 
  • Twilight sessions available
  • Available to attend training days or staff meetings
  • Avilability during term time and school holidays
  • Knowledge of the domestic abuse 
  • Understanding of difficulties of leaving a domestic abuse relationship 
  • Existing support countywide 
  • Knowledge of local and national cases 
  • Support available for those experiencing domestic abuse 


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