Knife crime intervention - The Happening, key stages 3 and 4 - Stay Safe Partnership

This workshop will enable students to:
  • gain a greater awareness of knife crime and the impact it has on themselves and those around them
  • learn skills and techniques to divert away from knife crime
  • understand how to change thinking which will impact behaviour
  • practice and demonstrate first aid techniques such as CPR
Service Description

The Happening is a diversionary programme based at Sleaford Police Station. Its main aim is to prevent and divert young people from carrying a knife and engaging in serious violence. It will be offered to students aged 10 to 18 years (key stage 2 to key stage 5) on a school referral basis.

During the workshops, small groups of students (six to eight) will visit 12 rooms (dependant on need) to explore issues relating to knife enabled crime. They will take part in facilitator and self-led group discussions, interactive activities and first aid skills.

This workshop is an immersive educational experience which will look at strategies to keep themselves safe, changing mindsets and challenging peer actions. 

Sessions will be delivered by experienced trainers from Lincolnshire Police youth engagement coordinators team in an age appropriate, fair and inclusive manner.


This workshop is available to all year 5 to year 13 students across Lincolnshire (school referral process).

The sessions will be held at Sleaford Police Station in a disused custody suite, twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each session will run for 120 minutes approximately.

Please contact to discuss availability. Transport and pupil allocation will need to be arranged by the school. 


These workshops allow students to:

  • reflect upon the actions of themselves and others
  • aim to raise future aspirations
  • provide alternative options to try and reduce knife enabled offences

The intention is to pivot the beginning of a change in behaviour and a shift in mindset, in order to impact other areas of an individuals life beyond the sessions.

Sessions have been created to cover some or all of the following areas within the PSHE framework:

H17: to perform first aid and evaluate when to summon emergency services, irrespective of any potential legal implications. For example, when the situation involves:

  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • gangs
  • violent crime

 H22: ways to identify risk and manage personal safety in new social settings, workplaces and environments, including online.

H23: strategies for identifying risky and emergency situations, including online; ways to manage these and get appropriate help, including where they may be legal consequences (for example drugs, alcohol, violent crime and gangs).

H24: to increase confidence in performing emergency first aid and life-saving skills, including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of defibrillators.

R24: to evaluate the dangers and consequences of being involved in gangs, serious organised crime or carrying a weapon.

R35: to evaluate ways in which their behaviours may influence their peers, positively and negatively, including online and in situations involving weapons or gangs.

R47: motivations, misconceptions and consequences of carrying weapons and strategies for managing pressure to carry a weapon.


Free. Transport and pupil allocation will need to be arranged by the school.

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