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Restrictions have now been lifted at inquests, and in-person attendance is now fully permitted.

For remote access to an inquest hearing the HM Coroner must be is satisfied that:

- it is in the interests of justice
- the court has the capacity and capability
- it does not cause an unreasonable burden

To attend an inquest remotely email by 4pm on the last working day prior to the inquest hearing. You must include your reasons for the application. Any application without reasons will be refused.

Our inquests are predominantly held at the Myle Cross Centre, Macaulay Drive, Lincoln with some held in Boston.

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Upcoming Inquests

Upcoming inquests
Full name Hometown Date of inquest
Susan Westwood Lincoln 27th February 2024
Hartley Russell Hester Sleaford 27th February 2024
Norman Geoffrey Buckberry Sleaford 27th February 2024
Pauline Victoria Dixon Newark 27th February 2024
Richard Clifton Boston 27th February 2024
Olegs Klucnikovs Boston 27th February 2024
Bridget Stanley Spalding 27th February 2024
Xander James Coleman-day Lincoln 27th February 2024
Benjamin Mark Twiddy Boston 28th February 2024
Sergejs Bistrovs Lincoln 28th February 2024
Julie Ann Nicholson Boston 28th February 2024
Isabella Graves Lincoln 28th February 2024
Malcolm Tonkinson Skegness 28th February 2024
Anthony Mark Butcher Sleaford 28th February 2024
Eileen Bird Horncastle 28th February 2024
Patrick Herbert Edmund Johnston Lincoln 28th February 2024
Christopher Aubrey Osborn Boston 28th February 2024
Viktor Zhivkov Tenev Boston 28th February 2024
Antonia Johanna Maria Osborn-peters Boston 28th February 2024
Derek Toogood Gainsborough 28th February 2024
Alfie John Head Hertford 28th February 2024
Connor Darren Hall Gainsborough 28th February 2024
Rickie-jon Peter Allen Woodhall Spa 4th March 2024
John Denis Hanchant Harley Sleaford 4th March 2024
Michael Hare Bourne 4th March 2024
Margaret Cable Market Rasen 4th March 2024
Helen Mary Tedman Skegness 5th March 2024
Angela Sharon Mckenna Market Deeping 6th March 2024
Rebecca Faye Cooper Sleaford 6th March 2024
Anna Maria Howard Rippingale 6th March 2024
Beryl Hazelwood Woodhall Spa 6th March 2024
Martin Antony Pestell Grantham 6th March 2024
Wendy Kelly Boston 6th March 2024
Valerie June Hirst Market Rasen 7th March 2024
Robert James Knight Sleaford 7th March 2024
Trevor George William Waters Lincoln 7th March 2024
Susan Reaney Lincoln 7th March 2024
Stella Slight Lincoln 7th March 2024
Edward Charles Turner 7th March 2024

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