Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership

Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership (LESP) offers advice to local Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs).

This helps them to provide guidance to event organisers.

LESP can:

  • provide a forum of strategic advice 
  • gather intelligence and share best practice
  • provide consistent and proportionate advice and guidance 
  • support local SAGs and encourage a positive culture of event safety
  • provide training for event organisers, safety advisory group members and other bodies
  • positively engage with regulatory and enforcement bodies
  • consider relevant legislation and approved codes of practice applicable to the event industry
  • compile and maintain a database of events in Lincolnshire
  • maintain and develop links with anyone associated with the event industry

SAGs are made up of officers from the local councils, emergency services, other relevant bodies and the event organiser.

If you are planning or considering planning an event, you can download a range of advice and LESP toolkits.

Download templates and guidance

For further event information see also the HSE website.

To find out how to register to use a drone when filming an event visit the civil aviation authority website.

COVID-19 event guidance and information

For further advice and support, visit the Coronavirus section on working safely on the website.

For Covid risk assessment guidance, visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

We have an advice booklet from the Events Industry Forum on how to open workplaces safely while minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19.