Additional hours and overtime policy

Policy overview

LFR grey book staff should continue to refer to service orders.

We ensure that employees receive the correct pay and annual leave if they work more than their contracted hours. We seek to ensure that we plan workloads according to the resources available. 

We commit to providing a healthy and safe working environment. In doing so, we support all employees with their health and wellbeing at work. 

Sometimes, employees are required to work additional hours above their contracted hours. We manage this via the flexible working hours scheme, often known as flexi-time. Different service areas may operate other flexible working schemes, subject to their needs. 

The flexible working hours scheme aims to offer employees more flexibility. A department or service area will agree: 

  • standard or core working hours that employees must work 
  • flexible working hours where employees can vary their start and finish times 

Flexible working hours are subject to business demands. Colleagues must agree to ensure appropriate cover. 

Employees must: 

  • work between the basic core hours  
  • have the flexibility, subject to operational needs, to start and finish between the other hours 

Employees have a bank of hours that we credit or debit over four weeks.   

Additional hours worked are converted into flexi-leave at the maximum rate of 24 half days or 12 full days per year. Taking flexi-leave is subject to the normal controls for the booking of annual leave.  

We will pay additional hours or overtime where: 

  • we cannot manage additional hours above contracted hours 
  • in service areas where it is not suitable to have a flexible working hours scheme 


  • overtime working is the hours worked beyond a full-time working week. For most roles, this is 37 hours per week. Where full-time hours are different, we outline this in the relevant terms and conditions of employment 
  • additional hours are those worked by part-time employees beyond their contracted hours. Additional hours are counted up to full-time hours.   Read guidance on additional hours for part time employees
  • paid additional hours and overtime are subject to conditions in local agreements and terms and conditions