Attraction and retention policy

Attraction and retention supplements

Key elements 

Attraction and retention supplements will: 

  • sometimes be paid for hard-to-recruit posts 
  • have regular reviews and usually last no longer than two years. Should the external labour market not change, we may extend a supplement 
  • not exceed 15 per cent of the grade's maximum gross annual salary. We will pay it in a cash lump sum. In exceptional circumstances, we may increase the amount with head of service DLT approval
  • not be consolidated into basic salary
  • be non-pensionable if short term payments, and pensionable if they are to be paid for longer than two years
  • be repaid if the employee leaves within two years

Where a base grade increases following a job evaluation or appeal supplements are assimilated at the agreed percentage into the pay adjustment. 

Employees with pay protection may opt to receive the supplement or the protected pay whichever is most favourable. 

We do not apply annual pay awards to attraction or retention supplements.

The payment is static and percentage awards are calculated based on the salary point the employee is on when the payment is agreed.  They will remain at that level for the full 12 months.

Managers should seek advice from the relevant Strategic HR Business Partner when considering any payments and establish whether there is evidence for a case to be made.  The evidence must show that pay is a genuine problem with the recruitment or retention of: 

  • a specific occupational group 
  • a specific post 
  • or, posts in a particular geographical area of the county 

We will inform recognised trade unions on all decisions to pay attraction or retention supplements. 

Managers must inform the appropriate portfolio holder of any payments made.