Collective disputes procedure

Procedure overview

We believe that all our employees should have fair treatment and respect. 

There may be occasions where groups of employees are unhappy with matters concerning their employment. 

This policy supports the resolution of issues in a timely and open manner. 

The parties to this procedure are Lincolnshire County Council and our recognised trade unions.


This procedure aims to:

  • define what a collective dispute is
  • give managers and employees a straightforward process 
  • resolve collective disputes and achieve a mutual solution
  • ensure that managers are aware of and have support to resolve issues as soon as possible 
  • ensure that all parties have the opportunity to state their case

Status Quo

Once a dispute is registered, the 'Status Quo' applies to employees involved.

This means that there will be no:

  • changes to pay
  • conditions of service
  • working practices 
  • other matters of contention  

There will be no industrial action. This includes strike action or action short of a strike.  

These requirements will remain until a resolution of the dispute occurs, or the procedure is exhausted.