Job evaluation and grading policy

Policy overview

This policy implements national and locally-negotiated agreements covering job evaluation and grading. We will implement these fairly and consistently and in compliance with equal pay requirements. 

Schools that have adopted the Collective Agreement of April 2007 should also implement this policy.  

The local authority (LA) may make representations to the governing body in schools where:

  • the local authority (LA) is the employer
  • and, the governing body has not adopted the collective agreement

If the LA has concerns about the grading, this must take place within seven days of receiving their recommendation of a support staff appointment.

This policy does not apply to: 

  • fire employees on grey and gold book terms and conditions  
  • employees on teachers' terms and conditions 
  • employees on Soulbury terms and conditions  

We will implement this policy to comply with equal pay regulations, in line with our diversity and inclusion policy.  

This policy lays down the minimum requirements for managers and HR. This ensures that we take into account equal-pay requirements.