Transitioning at work

We are committed to

  • promoting a safe environment where trans employees can be open about their identity
  • equality opportunities for trans people throughout recruitment and employment
  • supporting trans employees through any transitioning process

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Read our diversity and inclusion policy for further information.


'Trans' or 'transgender' describes people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth. They can be people who:

  • identify as having a different gender to the one assigned at birth and
    • are planning or have had medical help such as hormones or surgery
    • are not planning any medical intervention
  • intend to, are in the process of, or have undergone gender reassignment
  • are non-binary (not solely male or female).  They:
    • may define themselves as both, neither or something different
    • may or may not have medical interventions to align their body with their non-binary gender identity

'Transitioning' is where a trans person aligns their gender presentation with their gender identity. This may involve:

  • dressing differently
  • using a different name
  • using a different pronoun (for example, she, he or they)
  • changing official documentation
  • medical interventions

We recognise there is no right or wrong way to transition.  We are committed to supporting each individual during the process of transition.

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