Tree planting grants

Tree planting

Lincolnshire County Council has an ambition to plant a tree for every county resident, meaning that over 750,000 trees will be planted around the county over the coming years. Lincolnshire has one of the lowest tree cover rates in the UK at just under 4% - compared to a national tree coverage rate of 13%.

We are looking to work with individual landowners, farmers, businesses, parish councils and communities of Lincolnshire to support the planting of new woodlands, orchards, hedgerows and individual trees.

If you are planting a single tree in your back garden or planting hundreds of trees around a farm - you can register the trees using this form. They will all be counted towards the countywide tree planting ambition. You can play a part, whatever the size of your planting project. The map shows where all of the trees registered so far have been planted.

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Together, we can benefit wildlife and local landscape and help to tackle climate change by planting the right trees, in the right places, for the right reasons.

There are grants available depending on the type of tree you are planting, including woodlands, orchards and hedgerows.