Report a grass cutting or weed treatment problem

We cut grass verges alongside adopted road and footpaths three times a year.

We treat weeds growing in the highway twice a year.

We cut grass:

  • 1m to either side of the highway
  • To the highways boundary at some junctions and bends to improve visibility
  • As a one-off at specific sites to preserve botanical diversity

We treat weeds:

  • Where they are present in the highway

We do not cut grass or treat weeds:

  • On privately owned land or developments not yet adopted by us
  • On parks and open spaces, but your district council may

View our grass cutting and weed treatment programmes.

We will only take action with overgrown grass if it poses a safety risk.

If the issue presents an immediate danger outside of our normal hours, call the police on 101

Report a grass cutting or weed treatment problem