Report a road or cycleway problem

We are responsible for adopted roads and cycleways in Lincolnshire

We carry out regular safety inspections in accordance with our Highways infrastructure and asset management plan.

Faults can develop between inspections so we encourage reports from the public too.

If your fault presents an immediate danger outside our normal hours, call the police on 101

Report a road or cycleway problem

What will happen with your report

  • Reports are sent to the team responsible and will be assessed based on the information provided and using our Highways Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan to determine the correct action.
  • If there is an immediate danger to the public then the matter will be dealt with as an emergency.
  • Missing, collapsed or broken ironworks will be made safe within 24 hours. This may be by signing and guarding the area of making a temporary repair while we arrange a permanent fix.
  • If the road or cycleway fault has already been reported you can add to the original report if you have more information and choose to receive updates about the original report