Flood investigations

We investigate flooding where we consider it necessary or desirable and publish the results.

The purpose of investigations is to determine:

  • which risk management authorities have relevant flood risk management functions
  • whether each of those has exercised, or is proposing to exercise, those functions in response to a flood event

The reports do not blame or hold any authority or individual to account nor legally enforce any recommendations made.

We may undertake a section 19 flood investigation when:

  • one or more properties are internally flooded
  • one or more critical service is internally flooded
  • one or more critical service can't operate due to lack of access
  • one or more flooded critical installation results in the loss of a service impacting on a local community, or causes pollution to internal property
  • at least two hectares of grade 3+ agricultural land is  flooded for more than two days
  • any national 3+ category road is made impassable due to flooding
  • flooding to a minor road occurs cutting off access to a village, hamlet or blocks a bus route
  • flooding occurs to a railway/ station adversely impacting on normal timetables or cuts of a rail link

Section 19 flood investigations may also be undertaken for events which impact upon the local environment and/or cultural heritage, or upon the receipt of a request by a member of parliament.

Priority is given to floods which affect one or more properties.

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