Apply for an invest for the future grant

About the grant

We have developed this grant to help small and medium-sized businesses with up to 250 employees to grow.

This grant scheme is now closed.

Expressions of Interest will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

This grant scheme may close early if demand exceeds the funding available.

Types of project can include:

  • new investment in property infrastructure
  • buildings and refurbishment costs
  • plant, machinery and equipment
  • IT and new technology

Grants of between £25,000 and £75,000 are available to provide a maximum of 25 per cent of funding. The minimum project size is therefore £100,000. Applicants must provide the other 75% of project funding.

Projects must commence within three months of the award of funding.

Businesses should ideally be from one of the following priority sectors:

  • agri-food
  • manufacturing
  • health and care
  • ports and logistics
  • visitor economy
  • low carbon
  • digital

Projects should aim to:

  • increase productivity
  • create new wealth and jobs
  • seek to meet one or more drivers:
    • growth
    • innovation
    • diversification
    • new to export
    • automation
  • create new commercial opportunities and additional sustainable employment in Lincolnshire

One application per business is allowed.

Businesses that make an overall profit once fund income is included are subject to tax.

If your project is ineligible for this scheme you may be able to access an alternative Lincolnshire County Council grant.

For the latest business support information, as a result of Covid-19, visit

What happens next?

Expressions of Interest will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

All Expressions of Interest are expected to have been reviewed by 9th April 2021.

Forms will be assessed on eligibility and whether they meet the full criteria, offer good value for money, and meet the priorities of the grant.

Applicants will receive an email notification which clearly confirms that they have been either successful or unsuccessful.

Successful businesses will be emailed a longer application form along with guidance information to help them complete the form.

The application form should be completed and returned, together with the specified accompanying information,  within 3 weeks.

The maximum value of grant funding will be ring-fenced until such time as the application is either approved or rejected.

Successful applicants must start the project within 90 days of receiving a grant funding agreement and complete the project within 12 months of starting.

A claim form will need to be submitted providing evidence of the total project expenditure and this will result in 25% of the costs being released.

Once all of the available funding is ring-fenced, any remaining applicants will be placed on a reserve list.

If a successful project does not progress, or does not require the maximum value of grant, the unused ring-fenced funding will be released.

Applicants on the reserve list will be contacted on a first come, first served basis if new funding becomes available.

Out decision is final and there is no right of appeal.