Apply for a rural business grant

What happens next?

Expressions of Interest will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Forms will be assessed on eligibility and whether they meet the full criteria, offer good value for money, and meet the priorities of the grant.

The maximum value of grant funding will be ring-fenced for each successful application who will then be invited to complete an application form.

Once all of the available funding is ring-fenced, any remaining applicants will be placed on a reserve list.

Successful businesses will then be emailed a longer application form and guidance information which will need to be completed and returned within 4 weeks.

At this stage you will need to provide a list of items that you wish to purchase along with:

  • 2 quotes for each item up to £25,000 in value
  • 3 quotes for each item more than £25,000 in value

At least one of your quotes for each item should be from a supplier based in Lincolnshire, or an explanation should be given as to why this is not the case.

On receipt of a Grant Funding Agreement signed by both parties, approved applications will receive 60% upfront payment of your total grant award.

The remaining 40% of funding will be paid once the proposed purchases have been made and evidence of purchase is provided through a formal grant claim.

It should be noted that only expenditure incurred after a project has been approved and contracted is eligible.

At all stages applicants will receive an email notification either that they have been successful or unsuccessful.

If an application does not progress, or does not require the maximum value of grant, the unused ring-fenced funding will be released to reserve list applicants.

Applicants on the reserve list will be contacted on a first come, first served basis if funding becomes available.

Our decision is final and there is no right of appeal.