Guiding principles

Don't waste anything

The Green Masterplan is underpinned by three guiding principles. These help to bring focus to our work and planning for reducing carbon emissions and adapting to the changing climate at Lincolnshire County Council. The guiding principles also help to make sure that the work of decarbonising all our services is considered at the beginning and that everyone is involved.

The economy needs to move away from a take-make-waste linear approach to one that removes the potential for waste at the design stage.

Becoming a more circular economy over time is one tool to tackle the drive towards net-zero carbon emissions. The Council can act as an enabler for the wider economy by ensuring that infrastructure and services are in place to support circular business models.

Importantly, this principle is about more than the things that are thrown away. We have committed to minimise waste of all resources, including time, money and energy, but to also maximise the use of our assets, including our buildings and the skills of our people. We do not want to waste anything.