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Development management leadership statement

About us

The county council’s development management team make sure that as Lincolnshire grows, it does so in a clean, green, sustainable way that makes life better not worse, for our residents.

Reviewing planning applications, approving technical designs, advising on improvements that could be made and making sure flood risk is considered properly, are all key to influencing how developments, including housing, go forward.

Continuous improvement

Lincolnshire County Council continues to support growth and development in our county. Despite difficult local and national circumstances affecting all of us, we continue to adapt and improve services and facilities.

Showing the value of good local services which support both Lincolnshire residents and local businesses, we are planning for the future and maintaining our ambitions.

Challenging times

Along with our communities, we are seeing increasing costs for both our day-to-day spending and larger projects. With increasing demand for services and restricted government funding, we are very aware of the balance we must strike between helping those who need it most, and staying afloat ourselves.

Our officers are dedicated to building strong relationships with local planning authorities, developers and other relevant organisations. This ensures the county council is integral to developments, providing trusted advice in the best interests of our county.

Lincolnshire County Council is committed to facilitating the right growth in the right area. We are committed to achieve for our local residents and communities working with public and private organisations to bring greater and lasting benefits to our county.

Our ambitions

Lincolnshire County Councils Corporate Plan sets out what we want to achieve for residents and communities across Lincolnshire.

The plan includes the following ambitions relevant to our development management approach.

Support high aspirations:

  • Help neighbourhoods flourish
  • Support businesses to succeed
  • Protect the environment for the future

Create thriving environments:

  • Look after our places in a sustainable way
  • Develop our county for a prosperous future

Provide good value council services:

  • Support community spaces and travel
  • Encourage innovation and are innovative ourselves

The council also has a constitution explaining how the council operates and makes decisions, ensuring that the council is efficient, transparent and accountable.

To help everyone understand how we work, what we need and what our priorities are, we have produced a number of guidance documents.

These documents are continually being reviewed to react to any national and local changes. They also form the basis of technical discussions and advice we give.

Our commitment to our partners

  • To work proactively with you to ensure the right developments are in the right places
  • To provide clear guidance in line with local and national policy
  • To be accessible in offering key advice and support

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