Report a treasure find

By law, you must report any object which you believe to be treasure to the coroner within 14 days.

Read the Portable Antiquities Scheme definition of treasure.

To report a treasure find, email or call 01522 552500.

What happens next?

You will need to present the object to our Finds Liaison Officer.

They will ask you questions about the object and conduct an investigation.

Once complete, we will inform the coroner if it is treasure or not.

If the find is treasure and if a local museum wishes to acquire the object(s), the coroner will hold a treasure inquest. The British Museum may seek to claim it on behalf of the Crown.

After the inquest, the find is valued, and the finder/landowner is rewarded ex gratia.

If the find is not treasure or there is no museum interest, the coroner will decide if the find may be returned to you.


Contact the coroner's service

Telephone: 01522 552500