Administration, HR, Finance and Legal

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Behind every successful organisation is a strong support system. Join us and ensure the smooth running of our operations, from managing finances to upholding legal standards.

  • Business Support are our administrative function that supports all areas of our organisation to keep it running smoothly. Your role in administration will involve a variety of tasks that support our staff and ensure efficient operation of the council.
  • Our audit team play a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability. Your work will help ensure our resources are used effectively and responsibly.
  • Financial services have a pivotal role in keeping us on a sound financial footing. Roles in this area may involve budgeting, financial planning, and resource optimisation, all aimed at ensuring we make the best use of our resources. Whether you’re directly involved in these tasks or supporting them, your contribution will be key to our financial stability.
  • Legal services ensure our operations align with the law. You’ll work in a team that provides legal guidance, helps the council make decisions that are lawful and fair, and represents us in legal proceedings.
  • Human Resources play a part in making us a great place to work. Depending on your specific role within our HR team, you could be supporting our staff in their day-to-day needs, helping us attract and retain talent, ensuring we’re a fair and responsible employer, or facilitating learning and development opportunities.

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