Community and Growth

Image of trees growing on the ground

Be part of the team that identifies new opportunities and drives our organisation forward.

  • Community Safety helps make the community we work and live in a safer place. You'll work on a range of initiatives aimed at reducing crime, improving road safety, and helping people feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods.
  • Libraries inspire a passion of reading and learning in our community. You will help run our libraries, promote literacy, and provide a valuable resource for learning and discovery.
  • Heritage help preserve our community's past for future generations. You will support in preserving historic buildings, promoting our local history, and helping residents and visitors understand our heritage.
  • Economic Regeneration are responsible for revitalising our community. You could work on projects that stimulate economic growth and improve the quality of life for our residents.
  • Environmental Services protect and enhance our natural environment. You could work on everything from waste management to conservation projects.
  • Planning and Surveying shape the future of our community. You'll be part of a team who work on planning new developments, preserving our built environment, and ensuring our community grows in a sustainable and balanced way.
  • Communication and Engagement connect the organisation with our community. You'll be creating and delivering clear, engaging communications, and working on initiatives that get our community involved in local governance.
  • Economic Infrastructure: Help shape the economic future of our community. You'll work on projects that improve our infrastructure, attract investment, and create jobs.
  • Project Management: Make things happen. You'll manage projects that deliver new services, improve our operations, or make our community a better place to live.

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