Fire and Rescue

Image of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

  • Response roles could be on the front line protecting our community, joining a dedicated team committed to saving lives. Respond to emergencies, save lives, and contribute to making our community a safer place. Whether you’re coordinating rescue efforts or on the ground as a firefighter, you will play a key role in our community safety initiatives.
  • Integrated Risk are responsible for Community Risk Management Planning, risk profiling, and operational risk. You will also ensure workplace safety through health and safety, assurance, and auditing. You can be part of the team managing business continuity, as well as performance and service planning, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of our operations.
  • Prevention and Protection focus on delivering ‘person-centred’ services, allowing you to complement and support the delivery of community-based activities across Lincolnshire. You will have the opportunity to join our dedicated enforcement team, providing advice, guidance, and support on our statutory duties, ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.

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