Apply for a chaperone licence

Duties of a chaperone

Your first duty while acting as a chaperone is to the child in your care. You must not engage in activities that interfere with the child's duties.

You are legally responsible for the child, except when they are in the care of a teacher. You should exercise that care which a good parent would reasonably expect to give the child.

If the child is working in a theatre, you must know the times when the child should attend or be on stage. These times must come within what the licence permits.

When the child is not performing, you must ensure they are properly supervised. You must make sure they have adequate meals, rest and recreation.

You must ensure that no child in your care is discriminated against on grounds of:

  • race
  • gender
  • age
  • colour
  • nationality
  • ethnic or national origin

You should not let any child perform when unwell. If a child falls ill or gets injured when in your care, you should call a doctor. The licence holder should immediately notify the child’s parent and us.

Do not hand any child over or let another person examine them. The only exceptions to this are:

  • with prior approval of the child’s parent
  • in an emergency
  • under the supervision of a doctor, police or other suitable persons

We carry out regular inspections, without prior notice, at places of entertainment. We will ensure that you comply with your licence and properly care for the child. We will wish to see the dressing rooms used by the child named in the licence. We will also need to see any other accommodation the child uses to meet with you.

If we believe that you are not performing your duties, we may withdraw your licence.

This position involves considerable contact with children. We will carry out personal checks, including police checks.

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