Team Around the Child

About Team Around the Child

Team Around the Child (TAC) offers Early Help and support for children as
soon as we have a worry about them. TAC is how different people and
services work together to help children and their families at any point in their
lives to prevent or reduce difficulties before they become too difficult.

Is my child the right age for TAC

Yes, TAC supports children and young people before they are born until their
19th birthday. Young people with additional needs can continue to receive
TAC support up to their 25th birthday.

Who will do this work with my family

You choose who you would like to be the Lead Professional, they will support
you and your child through the TAC. The Lead Professional will be someone
who works with children and knows your child. They may remain the same
person or change if your situation changes. Together, you and the Lead
Professional, invite other professionals you would like to support your family
in TAC.

What questions will be asked

The Lead Professional will talk to you about what you and your child are
worried about. They will also ask who is in your child’s life that make things
easier. Together you will talk about what needs to happen to lessen these
worries and where to start. Your child will play an active part in this and will
share their feelings to them and when things begin to feel better.

How long will the TAC stay open

The TAC will stay open while it is making a positive difference for your child.
The TAC closes when all goals are met, or the child/family feel the team
approach is no longer needed.

Can I bring someone with me

Absolutely, ideally someone who knows your child well. This may be family
and friends.