Apply for a pavement café licence

How to apply

If you have any questions please contact

All new and renewed pavement café licences are temporarily free of charge.

Before you apply, you must have:

  • a location plan or drawing (1:1250) showing the outline of the premises.  Include the existing situation and the proposed location of the stalls or cafe
  • a site layout plan (1:500) showing the proposed boundary, kerb and building lines and points of access.  Include the stall or seating and table layout, parasols, means of enclosure and heaters.  All dimensions should be metric
  • specification for the cafe furniture, parasols and the means of enclosure.  Include the style, colours, materials and any other relevant information
  • proof of permission from adjoining properties, if you propose to extend beyond your frontage
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of £10 million
  • proof of public notice displayed at the premises

We recommend that you read the government guidance.

Please note: A-boards are no longer allowed under a pavement café licence.

Failure to obtain a pavement café licence or breaches to the licence may result in enforcement and removal of furniture from the highway at the cost of the establishment.

The pavement café licence is being reviewed. All licences applied for in the interim will be for a maximum of three months. Further details will be provided once the review has been completed.

Apply for a pavement café licence