The Lincolnshire Permit Scheme

The Lincolnshire Permit Scheme applies to the whole of the Lincolnshire road network.

Anyone who wants to carry out highways works in Lincolnshire must apply for a permit. This includes:

  • utility companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water)
  • the council itself
  • anyone working on a permitted development that affects the highway

You must make all permit notifications via the Electronic Transfer of Notifications (EToN) system. This includes Provisional Advance Authorisations (PAAs), permit applications and variations.

Section 50 Licence holders are exempt from the scheme.

If you need help with your application, call 01522 552222.

Permit fees

Fees do not include costs charged or recoverable by highway authorities in relation to other requirements. For example, Temporary Traffic Orders and Notices or parking suspensions related to other works.

The permit authority may recover specific costs outlined in the scheme. However, fee-charging doe not aim to generate any revenue.

Fees are payable by statutory undertakers but highway authorities are not charged.

View Lincolnshire Permit Scheme documents.