Flats and high-rise buildings

Stay Put (Phased Evacuation) Position Statement

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue works with Local Authorities, developers, managing agents, housing providers and tenants to ensure that Fire Safety Arrangements in high-rise accommodation and other flats are safe and appropriate.

The advice we provide is based on the fire precautions installed during construction including compartmentation, protection of escape routes and discussion on emergency procedures put in place by the building managers.

In normal circumstances, if there is a fire contained within a single flat, the advice is that the occupiers of that flat evacuate closing doors behind them and leave via the stairs. They should call 999 as soon as they are in a place of relative safety.

The walls, floors, ceilings and doors of flats internally and externally if properly constructed and not modified in a way that reduces the fire protection should contain the fire within the compartment long enough to allow safe and effective intervention by the Fire Service.

If there is a fire in another part of the block it is usually safer to remain in your flat unless affected by heat and/or smoke from the fire.

You should still call the Fire Service for advice and to ensure they have been mobilised. You should prepare to evacuate.

You should evacuate:

  • if the fire/smoke spreads
  • if you are advised by a Fire Service Control Operator
  • if you are advised by Fire Crews at the incident

This advice is given to allow building managers and tenants to develop an “initial safe escape plan”.

As incidents can and do change, the risk to occupiers is constantly being re-evaluated. You must be ready to react swiftly to changing advice.

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