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Lincolnshire Prepared

Image of Skegness at high tide

East Coast Flooding

If you live along Lincolnshire’s coast line, then you are at risk of flooding.

Photograph - Flooding in 2007

Severe weather

The United Kingdom does experience severe weather due to its maritime temperate climate with occasional continental and arctic influences.

Image of a telephone

Loss of critical infrastructure

‘Critical Infrastructure’ is the name given to all of the different essential services which we rely on as part of modern society and the economy.

Image of man filling up car with gas

Fuel shortages

All organisations rely to some extent on fuel; whether it is for getting staff to work, distributing products or providing services.


Health impacts from disease / contamination

A pandemic is a rapidly-spreading, epidemic of a disease that affects most countries and regions of the world.



The LRF works very closely with the Environment Agency and many other professional partners both in planning to reduce the effects of flooding and in the response to an incident.

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