Speed cameras

Types of speed camera

In Lincolnshire, we use four types of speed camera. These are:

  • GATSO cameras
  • Truvelo cameras
  • Vector SR cameras
  • Specs3 average speed cameras

We also use one type of mobile speed camera, the Kustom Laser Witness. This is placed in or around a speed camera van.

Find out about the different types of speed camera.

View the calibration certificates for our speed cameras.

It is legal to use devices that give warnings of camera locations.

It is illegal to use devices that ‘jam’ signals to speed cameras. You can be prosecuted if found using one.

Speeding penalties

We operate a zero-tolerance approach to speeding in Lincolnshire.

If you receive a notice, you must respond.  You have a right to challenge the evidence or to put issues of mitigation to magistrates.

By law, you must identify the driver. Failure to do so will result in court action being taken against you (or company secretary).

We do not supply photographs unless there is a genuine problem with identifying the driver.

We will supply you with a photograph for any court trial.

If you are caught by a speed camera

Police may offer you the opportunity to attend a national speed awareness course.

If you complete the course, you will not get points on your licence, a fine or a court hearing. You will have to pay for the course.

If you are not offered a course, you may receive a ‘conditional offer’. If you accept points on your licence and pay a fine, you will avoid a court hearing.

Find out more about speeding penalties on GOV.uk.

Data and statistics

We publish a range of data about each of our speed camera locations. This includes collision, speed and enforcement history.

Find a speed camera

View the calibration certificates

View county collision data

Community Speed Watch

This scheme helps to tackle speeding issues in 30mph and 40mph areas only.

It allows parish councils use temporary speed notices or speed indicating devices (SIDs). In some areas, they can carry out checks using speed guns or tripod mounted SIDs.

It costs £40 per application.

To apply, email [email protected] or call 01522 805800.

Approved applications

Parishes must purchase SIDs from a supplier. They are also responsible for moving them around the area.

We will provide up to six free passive roadside notices. Extra notices cost £10 each.

Parishes can also buy wheelie bin stickers. They cost 50p each.

The police will train and monitor volunteers to carry out speed checks.

The police will send letters of advice to the registered keeper of any vehicle exceeding the speed limit.