Boston Distributor Road

Boston Distributor Road

Boston Distributor Road

The Boston Distributor Road would provide a new route west of the town. However, it is subject to funding and future development in Boston.

It would link the A16 to the north, the A1121 Boardsides and A52 to the west, and the A16 to the south.

A ‘safeguarded corridor’ for the route is in the draft South East Lincolnshire Local Plan.

The Quadrant development, which links the A16 with London Road, is under construction.

We back the project and are supported by Boston Borough Council and potential land developers.

Aims and benefits

The project aims and benefits are to:

  • support local housing growth
  • reduce traffic congestion in and around Boston
  • mitigate the impact of increased rail traffic
  • increase safety for all road users

Cost and funding

The estimated cost for the entire distributor road is in the region of £100m.

Funding for the first phase of the project is by Chestnut Homes. No additional funding is currently available, but we are looking for other possible funding sources.


*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependent on external factors.